The Tripletail is a species I am always on the lookout for, but seldom target exclusively.  Tripletail are found the majority of the time floating on their sides, motionless under crab trap floats and other floating debris.  The Tripletail is a great fighting fish and while most anglers refer to this fish as "dumb", the larger fish can be almost impossible to catch.  I tried for over an hour to catch a 20 plus pounder floating off north Longboat Key a few years ago, that fish was no "dummy"!  Saying that, I once caught a 6 pounder, let it go an  hooked it again before he got back to the crab trap buoy!  Although they are great eating, the unique, prehistoric look, and unpredictable behavior are this species  most distinguishing characteristics.  The average Tripletail found in our area are usually smaller than 10 pounds, however, larger fish are taken on occasion.  Tripletail can be caught on just about any type of live bait, my favorite being a large shrimp.  They can also be a lot of fun on the Flyrod,  small clouser minnows and bonefish patterns seem to work best for me.