Tony and Tommy enjoying a hot Snook and Redfish bite in Sarasota Bay 8/2009'
Tommy and Tony doubled up again 8/2009'
Will Froelich with TEAM TIGHTLINES 154.2 Yellowfin Tuna in the Labor Day Galati Billfish Tournament 9/2009'
Will Froelich, Capt. Chris Seger with 154.2 pound Yellowfin Tuna caught in Sarasota, FL.  Galati Labor Day Tournament 1st place Tuna 9/2009'
Five year old Marcas Reynolds with Dad and his biggest Snook of the day 9/2009'
Carmen D'Amico and a nice Sarasota Bay Snook 9/2009'
Sue with a nice Spotted Seatrout 9/2009'
Vic with a Monster Redfish 6/2009'
Mr. Baioni checking out an estimated 150+ pound Tarpon boated on Longboat Key 6/2009'
44' Redfish, Sarasota Bay 4/2009'
Cool shot taken by Mary Meadows of a Tarpon jumping on the leader grab 6/2009'
Mary Meadows' first Tarpon 6/2009'
Devon Smith's first Redfish 4/2009'
Lucas Smith and a nice 28' Snook in Sarasota Bay 4/2009'
Roger Bera with his first keeper of the day 4/2009'
Dave Sommers with a nice keeper Snook 4/2009'
Howard Silver with a 16 pound Snook, Sarasota Bay 3/2009'
Mike Silver with a nice 33" Snook 3/2009'
Bruce Barrie jumped overboard to untangle his Snook in the shallows of Sarasota Bay 3/2009'
Doug Morgan with his FIRST Snook, a 27 pound Monster, on Berkley GULP 3/2009'
Cody Capps Pompano fishing with dad, 1/2009'
Bill with a nice winter Snook on Berkley GULP 1/2009'
Tony nails a 32" winter linesider, Sarasota Bay  12/2008'
Ron Capps with a nice Redfish wade fishing north Sarasota Bay 12/2008'
Sue and Carmen doubled up on oversized Reds again, and again, Sarasota Bay 10/2008'
Sue from  Jersey with another big Sarasota Bay Red 10/2008'
Mr. Mel G. with a nice Sarasota Bay Snook 9/2008'
Mike Silver with a 5 pound Sarasota Bay Pompano1/ 2009'
Sarasota Sailfish
Nice Wahoo
Bill Armington with a Longboat Key Tarpon 6/ 2008'
Nickle with a Red Snapper 11/ 2007'
Sarasota Sail 6/ 2008'
Bob Barrie and a 34" Sarasota Bay Redfish 3/ 2008'
Eddie Marks with a 40 pound Black Grouper 7/ 2008'
Mel with a big Sarasota Bay Red 4/ 2008'
David gettting the morning started right 4/ 2008'
Will Froelic with his first beach Tarpon 5/ 2008'
Vic with another nice one 6/ 2008'
Nice Snook Peter 5/ 2008'
David with a Jumbo Snook 5/ 2008'
Tom Tomak fighting a monster Tarpon on Big Pass shoals 6/ 2008'
Kathy from Texas with a nice one 5/ 2008'
Dave Urschel with a Whopper Sarasota Bay Snook 5/ 2008'
Mike Schmit with a 32 incher 5/ 2008'
Howard with a handful of Redfish 4/ 2008'
Mike with a top of the slot, Sarasota Bay Snook 4/ 2008'
Vic with the best Snook of the day 4/ 2008'
Steve and Mel doubled up on Reds 4/ 2008'
John's first Slam of the day 4/ 2008'
John's first Slam of the Day 4/ 2008'
John's first Slam of the day 4/ 2008'
Jim and Jimmy double up again 3/ 2008'
Jimmy Forester's first Redfish 3/ 2008'
Nice Red Mikey 3/ 2008'
Mikey, Jake, and Ralph Venetti wearing out the Reds 3/ 2008'
Andy and Mike Silver with a nice pair of Longboat Key Redfish 3/ 2008'
Mike with a nice Sarasota Bay Pompano 3/ 2008'
Mikey Venetti with a Sarasota Tarpon twice his size 6/ 2008'
Ronaldo with a cute beach Tarpon 6/ 2008'
Scott Godfrey with a Lido Beach Silverking 6/ 2008'
David Schrader with a Lido Beach Tarpon release 5/ 2008'
Vic's best Snook to date, 37"  5/ 2008'
David with a good Snook 4/ 2008'
"Birdman" Jake with a good Red 3/ 2008'
Frank and a fat Pompano, Sarasota Bay 2/ 2008'
Zack's biggest fish of the day on the flats of Sarasota Bay 3/ 2008'
Todd Manchester and a Siesta Key Tarpon 7/ 2007'
Sailfish caught dottom fishing for Grouper in Sarasota 8/ 2007'
Rick Graham with another nice Sarasota Bay Redfish 7/ 2007'
Scott Oman with a Sarasota beach Tarpon 7/ 2007'
Noah with a overslot sized Redfish Sarasota Bay 2/ 2008'
Milton Jr. and his biggest fish to date,14 pound Redfish, "I seen it, and he DID DO IT!" 11/ 2007'
44 pound Gag Grouper 8/ 2007'
Greg Kent with a nice Red, Sarasota Bay 7/ 2007'
Jay Morgensonwith a big Siesta Beach Red 10/ 2007'
Dave Hersey, Siesta Key Redfish 10/ 2007'
Team Tightlines with a dolphin to weigh at the 2007' Drambuie tournament in Key West
Sarasota Broadbill Swordfish 2007'
Bob Black with a 36" Sarasota Bay Snook 7/ 2007'
Angela Graham with a jr. Tarpon caught fishing the flats of north Sarasota Bay 7/ 2007'
Angela Graham with one of many big Reds caght this day 7/ 2007'
Capt. Stacy with 38 pound Gag 7/ 2007'
Ron Capps with a 38 pound Bull Dolphin, Sarasota 8/ 2007'
Larry Marandino and a big dock Red 3/ 2008'
Tony and a nice Sarasota Bay Redfish 8/ 2007'
Vincent Currado and a Sarasota Sailfish 8/ 2007'
Cody Capps checking out his first Snook with Dad 8/ 2007'
Jason Manchester and his first Tarpon of the day 7/ 2007'
Tarpon Release 5/ 2007'
Harry Owen and his first Tarpon 6/ 2007'
Bill Armington boats a Longboat Key Tarpon 6/ 2007'
11 yr. old Mikey Venetti with one of Five Tarpon he boated on his first ever Tarpon trip to Sarasota 6/ 2007'
Tarpon boatside 5/ 2007'
Tony and his first Tarpon, Longboat Key 6/ 2007'
Terrence Govender with a cute 40 pound Lido Beach Tarpon 5/ 2007'
Captain Chris with a 54 pound Sarasota Wahoo 6/ 2007'
Tightlines first mate Will Froelic's 40 pound Gag Grouper 6/ 2007'
David Schrader and one crazy Tarpon 5/ 2007'
Clay Caldwell and his Monster, 211 pound Tarpon 6/ 2007'
Vic Cook with a Lido Beach release 5/ 2007'
Vic and another Lido Beach Silverking 5/ 2007'
Rebecca and John with a 10 pounder 4/ 2007'
Jake with a Big Jack 4/ 2007'
Ralph Venetti and a keeper 4/ 2007'
Master angler Mikey Venetti with a nice keeper Snook 4/ 2007'
Sue and her first Redfish 3/ 2007'
Mark with Sarasota Bay Permit 3/ 2007'
Mike Embry and a Red Snapper dinner 3/ 2007'
Carmen with a nice Sarasota Bay Permit 3/ 2007'
Carmen with a nice winter Snook caught on Berkley GULP 3/ 2007'
Jay Morgenson with a 26 pound Lido Beach Kingfish, 10 pound tackle 10/ 2007'
Mike Frey and his first keeper of the day 4/ 2007'
Kings on the beach 4/ 2007'
Mark with a good winter Snook 3/ 2007'
Mark Vanecko with a nice Sarasota Bay Redfish 3/ 2007'
Vic with a nice Snook 3/ 2007'
Vick with another Keeper 3/ 2007'
Tommy Skadron with a chunky Sarasota Bay Pompano 3/ 2007'
Bob Little and a 10 pound Jack 3/ 2007'
Little Joel from Mississippi with his first Redfish 3/ 2007'
Dan Strup, Sarasota Bay Permit 3/ 2007'
Capt. Chris and Mikey with a nice Amberjack 2/ 2007'
Alex Ruschau and his 16 pound Siesta Key Redfish 2/ 2007'
Chuck Beyer and a Scamp Grouper dinner 2/ 2007'
Bill and a nice Gag Grouper 2/ 2007'
Vinnie Farina with a big Red Snapper 2/ 2007'
Mike Embry and his 92 pound Black Grouper 2/ 2007'
Sarasota White Marlin 2006'
TIGHTLINES crew Capt. Stacy, Capt. Roy, and Capt. Chris with a Sarasota Blue Marlin 2006'
Big Sarasota Bay Redfish
Vic Cook and Tripltail
Mrs. Grimmes' reef Permit
Mr. Cook and his 31 pound Gag
Capt. Stacy holding a 66 pound Cobia
Giant Tarpon on the leader!
Conrad Parks releases another Longboat Key Tarpon
Mike Goodwin with a nice Snook
Ron Capps with a 35" night Snook, Sarasota Bay
Summer Permit on the reef
Fly fishing False Albies on the beach
Jeff Banner with a nice Redfish on the Fly
Wade fishing tailing Reds
Ed Formaneek with a 13 pound Sarasota Bay Snook
Chris Barksdale catches the biggest Snook of the day on the LAST bait in the well
Alex Ruschau and a Big Beach Red
Releasing Tres' Siesta Key Tarpon
Little Max's first Snook trip,he nail a 29 incher
Dave Sommers and a good Blackfin Tuna
Vinetti crew with twin Gags caught just off the beach
30 pound Gag
Billy and a nice shallow water, winter Gag Grouper
Great day of bottom fishing highlighted by Vinnie Farina's 98 pound Black Grouper
98 pound Black Grouper
"Firetruck" Red Grouper
Vic Cook and 15+ pound Jack on Fly
Nenrey and a nice January Snook 2007'
Mr. Cook and 54 pound Wahoo
TIGHTLINES III loading up for an overnighter
Blain Choclett with a hefty Jack on the Fly
Mike Goodwin and a nice Snook
Cody Capps with his first Grouper, 31" Gag, trolling Tampa Bay with Dad 12/ 2009'
Happy 94th Grandpa Stan, Grouper fishing Tampa Bay 12/ 2009'
Chris Clement and his first Redfish, Sarasota Bay 2010'
Melanie and a Longboat Key Tarpon release 6/ 2010'
Tarpon Fishing Sarasota FL
Sight fishing Reds with Sebile plugs in Sarasota Bay 4/ 2010'
Mikey Vennetti's first billfish12/ 2009'
Spotted Seatrout
Bill and Ingrid Armington with a Seista Key Tarpon release 5/ 2010'
Beach Tarpon fishing in Sarasota FL 6/ 2010'
Ashley with a big Amberjack 4/ 2010'
Tony with a nice Sarasota Bay Redfish 9/ 2010'
Kathy Vennetti with a nice Mangrove Snapper 11-17-2010'
Sue with a Seista Key Snook, 9 / 2010'
Kathy Vennetti catches a big one! 11 / 2010'
Carol catches a big one! 11 / 2010'
Capt. Chris and first mate Jason with a 65 # Wahoo 3 / 2011'
John with a nice Sarasota bay Redfish 4 / 2011'
John with a nice Sarasota Bay Snook 4 / 2011'
John with a nice Sarasota Bay Trout 4 / 2011'
Elliot with a good Speckled Trout 3 / 2011'
Jake Vennetti and his 50 pound Cobia 3 / 2011'
Rocky and a nice 25" Trout
Jonathan and a nice Sarasota Bay Snook 9/ 2011'
Mikey and a nice Sarasota Blackfin Tuna 4/2011'
Mikey V. and a 25+ pound Sarasoat 
Jack Clark and a whopper Sarasota Bay Redfish 9 / 2011'
Matt and a NICE permit 6 / 2011'
The Chicago Boyz, Braden, Matt, and Mikey putt'n it to the Beach Tarpon of Sarasota!  6 / 2011'
Mrs. Beshore and the 39 pound Kingfish she caught on Lido Beach in March 2012'
41" Siesta Key Snook, May 2012'
Bob Bergstrom and a nice Sarasota Bay Trout 3/2012'